Winter Termination

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The North Carolina Utilities Commission sets the rules for public utilities companies. There are protections in place to keep your utilities turned on, especially during winter months. 

What protections do I have as a consumer? 

From November 1 through March 31, utility companies cannot disconnect service to households that: include a person with a disability or someone who is age 65 or older; are unable to pay under an installment plan; and are certified by a local social services agency as eligible to receive assistance under an energy assistance program. In order to receive this service, you need to call your utility company and explain why you need this protection.

Even if you do not qualify for the Winter Termination Program (because you do not have someone in your household who has a disability and/or is over age 65), your power still cannot be disconnected on Fridays, weekends, state or federal holidays, or the day before a state or federal holiday.

If you are concerned about an elderly relative, keep in mind that any customer can assign another person to receive a separate copy of any utility service termination notices.

For more information on the Winter Termination Program and other protections, visit the NC Department of Justice website.

Need more information?

If you didn’t find what you need on this page or need more information on local resources, dial 2-1-1 or 888-892-1162. Our call specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Last updated 12/2/2022

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