Thanksgiving Meals & Baskets

person placing a turkey on a thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends and enjoy a good meal. North Carolinians who are having trouble affording food this holiday season may find relief from various local resources across the state.  

How can I find help with Thanksgiving meals?  

To find Thanksgiving help available near you, search the word “Thanksgiving” in the search bar on our home page, dial 2-1-1 to speak to a Call Specialistor CLICK HERE for a list of 2022 resources. Note that many Thanksgiving programs are not listed until November and the list of 2022 resources will be updated closer to Thanksgiving day. 

This year, as in previous years, there are community organizations that are providing meals or food baskets. Keep in mind that organizations distribute meals in different ways, including take-out, groceries for families to prepare at home, or meals to consume on site. It is recommended that you call the organization ahead of time to confirm details.  

How can I help others in my community get access to Thanksgiving meals?  

If you are able, there are many organizations that are looking for donations or volunteers during this time. Search “volunteer” or “donations” in the search bar on our home page or read our eLibrary post on volunteering.  

Last updated 11/18/2022

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