Sober Living Homes

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Sober living homes offer safe and supportive housing for people recovering from substance use disorder after leaving a rehabilitation program. Sober living homes use structured living and 12-step programs to improve the likelihood of long-term sobriety.  

Who is eligible?   

Most community-based sober living homes require that individuals:  

  • Receive prior treatment (detoxification) and are sober for a certain period. 
  • Are willing to accept house rules and are able to pay for their expenses.  

Some sober living homes can be attended by people who have not gone through a rehabilitation program but want help to abstain. It is recommended that you call the facility you are interested in to confirm specific rules, documents needed, and any other requirements for eligibility.  

How can I apply? 

Call the sober living home to confirm vacancies and procedures for application.  

How can I find a Sober Living Home near me?  

Visit and use the following search terms: “Transitional Residential Substance Use Disorder Services,” “Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facilities.”  

Are there any changes in response to COVID-19?  

Houses may require proof of COVID-19 vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test. 

Need more information?  

Call 2-1-1 or 1-888-892-1162 to speak with an NC 211 call specialist. 


Last updated 1/6/2023

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