Drop-In Centers

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What are Drop-In Centers? 

Drop-in centers are available for people experiencing homelessness to stop by during the day or afternoon hours when most homeless shelters are closed. Center services may include counseling, medication monitoring, personal hygiene supplies, laundry and shower facilities, and other basic services. Meals may also be available. Some centers serve as a place for people to drop off and receive their mail. 

Who is eligible to receive assistance through a Drop-In Center? 

Anyone experiencing homelessness is eligible, though some drop-in centers have eligibility based on sex. While most locations accept walk-ins, it is recommended that you call the location before arriving to make sure that services are available.  

Are there any changes in response to COVID-19?  

Some drop-in centers may not offer public spaces (such as showers and laundry services), and community meals are often switched into to-go boxes. 

How can I find a drop-in center near me?  

Visit nc211.org and type the following keywords into the search bar: “Daytime Drop In Center,” “Homeless Resource Centers,” “Transient Drop In Centers,” “Homeless Day Shelters,” “Homeless Day Services,” “Homeless Drop In Centers,” “Homeless Daytime Shelters.” 

If you only need laundry facilities, you can type “Laundry Facilities” into the search bar on nc211.org.

SOURCES: Raleigh NC Government 

Last updated 10/21/2022

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