Daymark Recovery Services

Daymark Recovery Services (DRS) has been providing Tailored Care Management (TCM), “a brand new community-based service, to clients across the state since December 1, 2022.”

“TCM allows eligible clients the opportunity to work with a care manager and care team to ensure all physical health, behavioral health, and social health needs are met. TCM can also assist with education on the management of health conditions and provide tools for overall health improvement.”

“To provide these services, Daymark Recovery Services offers Behavioral Health Urgent Cares throughout North Carolina that serve as an alternative to Emergency Rooms for patients suffering from a mental health or substance abuse crisis.”

Their newest location opened in Rockingham, NC. Daymark CEO, Billy West, explained “Without the vision of the Rockingham County Commissioners, hard work of the Rockingham County Managers Office and Rockingham County Legislators we would not have the vision nor funding for a BHUC.” He added “Without the support of Vaya Health, we would not have the continued support to sustain services like these.”

Daymark Recovery Services has many locations throughout North Carolina. DRS provides “an array of outpatient and psychiatric services for the treatment of mental illnesses, substance abuse disorders, or developmental disabilities. Services are tailored to individual needs and delivered using evidence based approaches to increase effectiveness.”

Check out their other locations here.

Source: Daymark Recovery Services

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