Crisis Intervention Program

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The Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) is a Federally funded program that assists households who are experiencing a heating or cooling related crisis. A situation is considered a crisis if residents are currently experiencing or are in danger of experiencing a life threatening or health related emergency and assistance is not available from any other source. CIP could also apply to families and individuals experiencing financial difficulty due to COVID-19. 

How can I apply? 

Households can apply online at You can also call your county department of social services to apply by phone or print a paper application to mail, fax or drop off at their county department of social services. Click here to access the paper application (click here for spanish)

You must present a final notice or past due utility bill and have a health related or life threatening emergency to potentially be eligible for crisis funds. A face-to-face interview is not required at this time. 

Applications are accepted July 1-June 30 or when funds run out, whichever comes first. 

How do I know if I’m eligible for the program? 

You must meet the following criteria to be potentially eligible: 

  • Be a U.S. Citizen or eligible alien 
  • Have a valid social security card or number 
  • Meet the income test
  • Have an energy related crisis
  • Have a utility statement that shows how much is owed to alleviate the crisis 

Need more information? 

Contact your local Department of Social Services or call 2-1-1 to get more information about the program. 


Last updated 12/2/2022

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