Children’s Home Society Conducts Make a Difference May To Help Support Foster Family Efforts

May 14, 2024. North Carolina is facing a foster care crisis in that there are nearly 11,000 children in care with only 5,400 licensed foster homes. From 2021 to 2023, the state saw a 20% decline in the number of licensed foster homes.

On Monday, May 20, Children’s Home Society of NC (CHS) will launch a one-day fundraising campaign spotlighting this decrease in the number of foster homes to raise vital funds to increase awareness of the need and support CHS’s work with foster families.

On this 20th day of May, during National Foster Care Month, contributions of $20, $200, $2,000, or any amount of choice, can be made to help CHS recruit, train, and support foster families as they open their homes and hearts to children in need of foster care, while they await reunification, guardianship with relatives, or adoption.

“This dramatic decline in available foster parents means that children who have been removed from their homes, who are feeling confused and scared, can end up sleeping in government offices or medical facilities because there is no home available to take them in when they most need the comfort of a foster family,” said Kristen Brown Smalley, CHS Chief Development Officer. “We are raising awareness of this crisis because we know that anyone who is a parent, grandparent, or who has loved a child, would want better for our community’s most vulnerable children.”

The awareness effort is designed to create understanding of the significant number of children across the state who need transitional care and to give insight into the rewards of fostering, not only for the child, but for the foster parents.

The rewards extend to the foster parents and families of origin as well. Families of origin are often able to overcome challenging times and reunite with their children when foster parents participate in shared parenting and support reunification. About half of children in foster care are reunified with their families – most often within two years. CHS is committed to supporting these families and children throughout their foster care journey.

To help Make a Difference on May 20 For more information on Children’s Home Society and becoming a foster parent, please call 800-632-1400 or visit

Children’s Home Society is dedicated to providing top-quality, evidence-based programs and services to children and families throughout North Carolina. Our education and child welfare staff provided services to more than 22,000 individuals last year, educating and preserving families, supporting children and families through transitions, and creating new families.

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Children’s Home Society offers a network of services and support throughout North Carolina to help establish and sustain healthy, loving relationships in every family. For 120 years, Children’s Home Society has provided a broad spectrum of programs and services including adoption, foster care, parenting education, family preservation, and teen responsibility. Children’s Home Society believes in the importance of family, not only in the life of a child but also in the foundation of a community. For more information, visit

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Source: Greensboro, NC (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

Author: Children’s Home Society of North Carolina

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