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Utility companies understand that many of their customers face very difficult financial hardships. If you are unable to pay your utility bills or are finding it increasingly difficult, call your utility company to find out about the programs and payment options that they may offer that might be of assistance to you.

What programs are available?  

Share the Warmth: Duke Energy

  • For Duke Energy Customers ONLY 
  • Provides emergency, short term help with paying utilities. 
  • To apply or find out if you are eligible, you will need to call the partner agency serving your county. CLICK HERE to find your partner agency.  

For more information about the program CLICK HERE.

Share the Warmth: Piedmont Natural Gas

For more information about the program CLICK HERE.

LMERC Cares Energy Assistance Program

  • Lumbee River EMC customers ONLY  
  • Eligible members can receive up to $150.00 one time per year.  
  • Partner agency funds and use Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) guidelines to determine member eligibility. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about the program and find the agency serving your county.

People Helping People

  • Randolph Electric customers ONLY  
  • Provides emergency, short term help with paying utilities.  
  • To apply for assistance, contact your local office. 

For more information about the program, CLICK HERE.  

Warmth for Wake

  • Wake County customers ONLY  
  • Provides emergency, short term help with paying utilities. Also provides new and gently used space heaters to older adults and other low-income households who are lacking another heat source. Also provides free deliveries of firewood to homes that can use it to offset their gas or electric bills.

Request assistance by contacting your case manager, social worker, or visiting their website.

Operation Round Up

  • Available through multiple providers. Contact your utility company to see if they participate in this program and to ask about completing an application form.  
  • Provides a grant to help people with paying utilities.

How do I know if I’m eligible for assistance programs? 

For most assistance programs, applicants must meet income limits and provide proof of hardship.  

Most Utility Providers suggest that potential applicants use NC ePass to apply for Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) or review eligibility requirements for the Crisis Intervention Program (CIP). 

What should I do if I have a complaint with my utility company?  

First, contact the utility company directly to see if the issue can be resolved. Many utility companies offer programs and payment assistance plans to help you pay your bill. 

If you feel that you are being unfairly treated, you may turn to the North Carolina Utilities Commission. The commission regulates critical services such as natural gas, electricity, water, telecommunications and cable television; addresses issues of consumer protection and utility rates; and is responsible for monitoring utility service and responding to consumer complaints. 

Its Consumer Services Division handles verbal and written disputes, interviews, and information inquiries. Customers may contact the Division with complaints regarding service delays, lack of service, appliance repairs, discontinuance of service, payment arrangements, high bills, deposit requests, and incurred rates/high rates. You can reach them by phone (919-733-9277 or 866-380-9816) or by email ( 

How can I search for resources on  

Visit and type the following search terms in the search bar, depending on your need:  

  • Utility Bill Payment Assistance 
  • Electric Service Payment Assistance 
  • Gas Service Payment Assistance 
  • Heating Fuel Payment Assistance 

Other Resources:  

  • Energy United – Provides information about various utility assistance programs across North Carolina.  
  • NC 211 eLibrary posts – find more information about utility assistance and how to prevent disconnection. 

Last updated 7/1/2023

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