COVID-19 Vaccine

2-1-1 IS NOT THE NUMBER TO CALL FOR VACCINE INFORMATION OR SCHEDULING. Continue reading for more information about the COVID-19 vaccine and how it is being distributed in North Carolina. 

How can I get the vaccine?

The COVID-19 vaccine is now available to all North Carolinians ages 12 or older. To find a provider, visit Here are a few things you should know:

  • Those age 12-17 may only recieve the Pzizer vaccine. Anyone age 18 or older may receive any of the three approved vaccines (Pzizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson)
  • You will likely need an appointment to get vaccinatedFind your local vaccine provider.
  • You can also call the COVID-19 Vaccine Help Center at 888-675-4567. Open Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm and Saturday-Sunday, 8am-4pm.
  • The vaccine is free everywhere in North Carolina, whether or not you have health insurance.
  • No photo ID is required. 
  • US citizenship is not required or checked. 
  • You will get a printed card and email to remind you to come back 3 to 4 weeks later for your second dose (Pzizer or Moderna). Your personal information is private and strictly confidential.

How can I find transportation to my vaccine appointment? 

People who need transportation assistance to a COVID-19 vaccine appointment should reach out to their local transit agency for a free ride. You can find your local transit agency online and can call the phone number listed for assistance. Local transit agencies serve all 100 North Carolina counties.

Free Uber rides are available in some cities through RIDE UNITED NC: call 844-771-RIDE.

What if I am homebound?

There are providers in North Carolina who are able to vaccinate people in their homes. To sign up for an appointment, call the At-Home Vaccineation Hotline at 1-866-303-0026 or fill out a registration form. 

CLICK HERE for more information.

Where can I find more information about the vaccine? 

NC Department of Health and Human Services has information about the COVID-19 vaccine. Visit to learn more.

You can also call the COVID-19 Line at 888-675-4567 (Open Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm and Saturday-Sunday, 8am-4pm).

What can you do after being fully vaccinated against COVID-19?

Fully vaccinated people can participate in many of the activities that they did before the pandemic. Although infections happen in only a small proportion of people who are fully vaccinated, preliminary evidence suggests that fully vaccinated people who do become infected can spread the virus to others. People who are fully vaccinated should:

  • Wear a mask in all indoor public spaces if you live in area of high or substantial levels transmission as defined by the CDC until more people are vaccinated and viral transmission decreases.
  • Wear a face covering in all K-12 schools, child care, indoor settings with a large number of children or child- focused activities (e.g, children’s museums), public transportation, healthcare settings, high density congregate settings (e.g., correction and detention facilities, homeless shelters, migrant farm camps), and large crowded indoor venues (e.g., arenas, stadiums).
  • Get tested if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. After an exposure to COVID-19, you should get tested 3-5 days after exposure and wear a mask around others until you get a negative test result.
  • More information can be found from the CDC here

Other incentives to get vaccinated

Everyone who gets a COVID-19 vaccine receives a $100 card. Those who drive someone to get vaccinated will receive a $25 card at participating vaccination sites.


Need more information? 

Read these Frequently Asked Questions (English|Spanish) from the NC Department of Health and Human Services. You can also call the COVID-19 Vaccine Help Center at 888-675-4567.


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