HOPE Program

The Housing Opportunities and Prevention of Evictions (HOPE) Program is a statewide initiative that may provide rent and utility assistance to eligible low- and moderate-income renters experiencing financial hardship due to the economic effects of COVID-19. HOPE is a program administered by the NC Office of Recovery and Resiliency, a division of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. The HOPE Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant program – Coronavirus and the U.S. Department of the Treasury Coronavirus Relief Funds. Application intake ended on November 11, 2020 at 6pm.  Applications are no longer being accepted. 

What is the process for receiving assistance? 

  1. Eligible applicants are assigned to a Community Partner who will contact the applicant and gather any additional information or documents needed to complete the application process.
  2. Once application information is complete, the amount of assistance is calculated.
  3. Applicant is notified of award amount.
  4. Applicant signs the HOPE Grant Agreement. For rent assistance, applicant’s landlord is contacted so that the Landlord/Tenant Agreement is signed by both parties.
  5. Payment is made by Community Partner to landlord and/or utility providers.

How can I avoid eviction while waiting to hear from the HOPE Program? 

If you are an applicant to the HOPE program and are concerned about possible eviction while you wait to receive assistance, Governor Roy Cooper has issued an Executive Order that protects North Carolina renters from eviction due to non-payment of rent.

Now through (at least) March 31, 2020, renters in North Carolina cannot be evicted for non-payment of rent if you have:

  • Been unable to pay your rent due to the pandemic because you have lost income and/or have new expenses such as childcare or medical expenses, and
  • Applied for the HOPE program by completing an application online or by speaking with a 211 specialist, OR
  • Completed the CDC Declaration Form and presented a copy to your landlord via email, US mail or hand delivery.

By taking these steps, you have protected your household from eviction. If your landlord still attempts to evict you, contact Legal Aid of NC at 1-866-219-5262 or www.legalaidnc.org.

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